This past Saturday marked the 15 year anniversary of Outkast’s classic album Stankonia. In tribute, MTV released a mini-documentary, where a number of artists reflected on the album and the lasting impact it has had. Commentary included T.I., Cee-Lo Green, Father, Wale and Big Boi himself.

Since its release, Stankonia has moved over 4 million copies to date and won the Best Rap Album of the year at the 2002 Grammy’s. They also received a Grammy for the cut “Ms. Jackson,” winning Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group.

“When I first heard Stankonia I remember thinking ‘Man, music is going to a real, far out place’,” T.I. reflects.

Outkast has been praised for putting the South on the map and being “mavericks” within the game.

Atlanta native Father even credited the duo with opening the gates for artists such as himself and Young Thug to be themselves within the rap world.

Something you may have not known about the album is it was named after the studio in which it was recorded in.

“This was like the first real studio we came to,” recalls Andre 3000 of their first visit to Stankonia Recording Studios. “When we first came here our mouth was open like, ‘Oh man. Look at this.’ We was tripping.”

Big Boi then details how they bought the studio from Bobby Brown, despite facing hardships in trying to see him.

“When it was owned by Bobby Brown we used to camp out outside,” said Big Boi. “We was just waiting days at a time for Bobby Brown to come and he never came. We saw him at a show in North Carolina and we was like, ‘Yeah we like the studio,’ and he was like you can have the studio. So we bought it out of foreclosure after Aquemini.”

You can check out the full mini documentary below.

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