Often times, celebs don’t put their children on the internet for fear that they could be mocked, called names, and or made fun of.

A perfect example would be Solange posting a pic of her son Jules for Halloween, dressed as LL Cool “J”. .


But then, Baller Alert caught a #commentcreepin moment where Solange claps back at a rude instagram troll who called her son ugly.


We have to be more careful of how reckless we are with our “jokes”, and try to ensure the “making fun of a child, but trying to pass it off as a joke” bug doesn’t bite us. Nevertheless, Solange’s response was ever so tasteful, and not only mature, but an example of how we also have to be careful when “clapping back” at an other child making ignorant comments.

Solange knows that for every hater, there’s a lover, and someone she’s inspiring. Her famous family photo from her wedding went viral again, this time as one of the best celeb Halloween costumes idea’s we’ve seen for a child.


This little doll goes by Prie, and not only was her costume AMAZING (props and ALL), but she also represent’s hope for the new generation of little girls to have positive black woman to look up to. And in case you’re one of those “the child didn’t pick that costume” people, this was only some pre-Halloween fun. This was her actual costume.


Sorry to the Blac Chyna’s, Amber’s, and Kylie’s of the world…but Prie represent’s the dawn of the new queens, expecting more than instruction on “how to be a bad bitch”, snagging a rapper, or having their reality twisted with the help of entertainment, music, and plastic surgery.

Cuteness OVERLOAD!

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