The teen from the Spring Valley incident claims that she listened to the teacher but didn’t leave the classroom due to thinking the punishment was unfair. Her attorney Todd Rutherford stated, “The girl did not comply with orders to leave the classroom because “she thought it was unfair punishment,” Rutherford said in an interview with The Times. “She had already put her phone away. She wasn’t a threat to anyone. She’s bruised and battered and hurt — physically and emotionally,” he said, “what you would expect after being tossed across the room like a rag doll.”

Leon Lott, the officer under investigation, has been fired and is also known for being ‘Officer Slam.’ They are placing the blame on the teen for not listening to orders but there is still an investigation for violating her civil rights. The other girl involved, Niya Kenny has spoken up and says Shakara is traumatized after the incident. They are both facing misdemeanor charges still. Stay tuned for more details to come.

Source: GG

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