Meek Mill just can’t keep his name out the news can he? This time DJ Drama’s ex-wife Summer P, has brought those reference tracks up once again, saying that DJ Drama is the one who gave Meek the tracks. Why you ask? Apparently, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late was supposed to be a Gangsta Grillz tape but obviously in the end Drake decided against it and to get back at him Drama gave Meek the reference tracks.

Ouch. Summer P was clearly out for blood last night.

Drama only had one response to Summer P and it went as follows: “The 1st was a Sunday,” he tweeted. “Your alimoney will be paid tomorrow. @summerwalker . Cool?”

This tweet has since been deleted.

Although Drama offered not to many responses his current girlfriend Jessica did and wasn’t shy about mentioning Summer P. She has now deleted all tweets dealing with the situation. She mentioned that Drama left Summer P because she hooked up with a few rappers Drama worked with. Could any of those rappers be Drake? Ouch again.



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