Last night, Chris Brown gave the world a heads up on Twitter that TMZ was going to post a bogus story on him. Today, they sure did.

TMZ claims that Chris Brown’s friends and family are concerned about him because he’s drinking too much dirty sprite and does it even around his daughter Royalty. A picture was taken at an LA pumkin patch where Chris took Royalty and right beside his foot, is a double cup. Also, a video leaked of him and his friends at Tyga’s son King’s birthday party, with Chris Brown with a double cup in his hand. All you see is his friend walking over to him with a bottle of codeine and soda in his hand. Although, you don’t see them mixing it or drinking it, that’s all TMZ needs to run a story.

Even though during Chris’ custody battle, he tested positive for codeine, the judge gave him a pass because he had a prescription.

Nope, Chris Brown is not having it! Looks like he’s taking proper steps to ensure his custody with his daughter and his public image.

Check out his tweets and the video and pictures TMZ ran below.


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