After the Lakers lost to Mavericks and became 0-3 on the year, Kobe Bryant wasn’t the happiest camper. He called himself the 200th best player in the league and said, “I freaking suck,” during an interview with reporters.

Last night the Lakers lost again, this time to the Nuggets. This time Kobe was more lighthearted when talking to reporters. He obviously wasn’t happy with his teams performance, but when asked how fans should react to the slow start he said it’s time for them to “freak out.”

During his postgame interview with reporters he pointed out how the youth of the team was what is currently hurting the Lakers. If you’ve watched any Lakers games this season you’d probabaly agree. He also alluded to the fact that the new guys will have to get used to life in the NBA:

Reads defensively wasn’t the talk of twitter last night though, this was:

Between these two airballs Twitter had a ton to say about the Mamba, check it out below.

The internet is a cruel place, hopefully Kobe and the Lakers pull it together soon.

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