In September, Lil Wayne went to court with the private jet company, Signature Group, who claimed the Atlanta rapper owed them an excess of over $1 million. Though he claimed to have never signed a contest with them, the judge ordered Wezzy to pay $1.8 million along with 200,000 in attorney’s fees.

It’s been almost two months later and Weezy has yet to pay. So this is where the law takes matters into their own hands. According to TMZ, Weezy’s Miami home was raided by police and his belongings were appraised and seized to fulfill the judgement.

In response, Wayne took to his Twitter with the following:

“It’s days like 2day dat make me ? everything,even myself But I guess dis is da thx I get. Sum times it’s tough 2b tough & even tougher 2b me. I ain’t shit but my mother, my kids & their mothers r EVERYTHING & dat I know, so on the days ? everything, I use dat as the answer 2 it all.”

Hope this gets sorted out soon!

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