To many true fans of hip hop, the 90’s are considered to the undisputed golden age of the genre.  The very culture we celebrate and thrive in today was made when BIG, Pac, boom-bap and coastal divides filled the airwaves and magazine pages of the most popular outlets in the world.

Before mainstream media considered rap to be “the new thing,” hip hop was a culture where black artists could be genuine about their experiences in life, love and everything in between.  Nonetheless, hip hop is mainstream because of the people behind the scenes who worked to make sure it would be that way.  You may not know their names, but you know their work and most of them are still grinding, 20+ years later under the guise of “The Culture Creators.”

To celebrate the time period of VH1’s new original “The Breaks,” Culture Creators founder, Atlantic Records SVP of Marketing/Brand Partnerships Joi Brown, threw an epic throwback party in NYC.  The VH1 and Seagram’s Gin party went down at the Gilded Lily, hosted by Andre Harrell, Mike Kyser, Jessica Rosenblum, Chuck Bone and Emil Wilbekin.


The best part was the music as legendary DJ’s like DJ Clark Kent, D-Nice and Chuck Barrett played everything from The Jackson 5 to Juvenille.  One party goer described the night as, “a family reunion, when music was at its best.”


Check out the new movie to get a feel of the early days of hip hop, yourself.  Watch the extended trailer, below.

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