Pretty much anyone who listens to rap has come across some form of drill music, which most believe originated in Chicago. Chief Keef, Lil’ Durk, Young Chop and more are all artists that have blown up off that style of music. With that being said, there is another rap artist who belives he started drill music: Waka Flocka. According to him and an interviewer, (Drea O) Waka says he played a big role in creating the sound that so many artists use today.

Waka has been apart of many music genre’s such as EDM, trap, and drill so it’s not that shocking for him to make a statement like this. Even though he claims to have had a part in originating the sound he doesn’t define himself as a drill artist but more so just an entertainer he revealed in the interview with Drea O. He even went on to say he loves the drill music of today but wants it to be less bodies coming from it and more music.

You can check out his take on drill music below. Do you agree with Flocka?

About The Author J. Davis

20. Michigan State University Junior.

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