Chris Brown is in hot water again… but this time it’s his security. His posse is being accused of beating a woman so bad that she had to be hospitalized for whiplash.

Jakaria, is a 28-year-old insurance agent who says she was hanging with Chris Brown and his entourage early Sunday at the Palms Casino Resort. She claims every one had to leave their phones, and when she had to pick up her 2, security thought she was trying to take someone else’s.

From there Jakaria says security got violent, grabbing her by the hair and shaking her around and eventually throwing her to the ground. She said the guard even tried to stomp her but someone finally stepped in.

When she got home she realized how she was in bad shape so she called the ambulance. A trip to the hospital revealed that she had suffered from whiplash.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they are looking into the incident and they took a battery report from the woman.

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