Liberty and justice for all?

What are the odds that former Oklahoma City Officer Daniel Holtzclaw received an all white jury for his trail facing charges for raping 13 African-American women and one teenager? While the odds are slim to none in real life, you can bet that the United States Justice System can make it happen.

Holtzclaw, standing at 6’1 weighing 260 pounds, was a standout linebacker at East Michigan University before he became an officer. He has been charged with a total of 36 crimes including first degree rape, sexual assault, bulgury and stalking. After stalking his victims, he would demand to be taken to their homes to rape them and then return later to intimidate them.

It was reported by Shawn King of New York Daily News that not single juror was black. There were three black men who made it to the pool but then we later removed. The jury currently stands at eight white men and four white women.

In Kentucky, Judge Olu Stevens dismissed a jury when a drug case involving a black man received an all white jury. Clearly witnessing the injustice, Judge Stevens motioned for the jury to be dismissed because it “lacked Black representation”. Because of this, the attorney general and the Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office asked the Kentucky Supreme Court if it was within Steven’s authority to do so.

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