As this year is closing out, presidential nominees have been honing in on some serious topics including tough policing in urban neighborhoods, and addressing some long over-due changes to policies for America’s law enforcement.

Hillary Clinton recently visited with the mothers of Tamir Rice, Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and a host of other mom’s to son’s who were victims of police brutality, and in Martin’s mother’s case, a victim of a neighborhood vigilante.

The two hour gathering was held in Chicago’s University Center at the Sweet Maple Cafe where the women in attendance said that although Clinton did not make “any explicit promises”, she did “pledge” to remain engaged and continue working on criminal justice reform.

Maria Hamilton, the mother of a mentally challenged young man named Dontre Hamilton who was shot and killed by police 12 times, had this to say about the meeting.

“I think that it was very productive…I think that all the work that the mothers are doing on behalf of our loved ones, it is working. People are asking to hear our stories. People are asking to find out what kind of legislation and policies we are changing.”

Let’s hope Hillary will seriously work to make changes in our criminal justice system like she has discussed. On our end, what are some ways to ensure accountability when a presidential candidate does not follow through with their idea’s once elected? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: Complex

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