Rhymefest has made it abundantly clear about how he feels about Spike Lee‘s Chiraq film and he is far from pleased.

Rhymefest spoke to the Chicago Sun Times about his feelings toward the film,

“I’d say [Spike Lee], you owe Chicago an apology. And you owe Chicago your presence to repair the damage. I would like you to come to Chicago and speak to more community leaders and Father [Michael] Pfleger [of St. Sabina Church]. Get with the people who have programs in the community that are effective and support those programs.”

Chiraq, due out Dec. 4th, includes Samuel L. Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Nick Cannon and more tell the story of a group of women who hold out from having sex with their gang affiliated husbands and boyfriends in hopes to stop the ongoing violence striking the city. This is something Rhymefest adamantly disagrees with,

” THAT’S how we want to depict of community? THAT’S the answer?”

Rhymefest also believes that trailer was a slap on the few to 9- year-old Tyshawn Lee who was shot multiple times in a Chicago ally,

“I grieved for the 9-year-old little boy who was shot [Tyshawn Lee], and now a comedy [Chiraq] is being made about a death in Chicago.”

While Rhymefest is clearly upset, his greatest disappointment comes from what he believes to be the greatest exaggeration:

” Spike Lee should have used Chicago writers. None of them were from Chicago. This movie is not about a war. This is not a war. Wars are fought for a reason generally. People fight over land, over money….That’s not what’s happening on Chicago’s South side…..People like to say its gang fighting over turf. That’s not it. It’s senseless violence. People feel disrespected and not validated. They’re poor. Guns are cheap. Drugs are cheap. Because guns and drugs are cheap senseless violence happens. The guns and drugs get into the hands of children…You can pick up the story of this film and drop it into any [city]. Chicago was used because of the media’s portrayal of the violence and it was used as a way for [Lee] to sell tickets. We were used. We were exploited. This story is not specific to Chicago.”

Rhymefest is not the only one feeling some type of way about Chiraq. Check out his tweets, along with tweets from other people who disagree with the film below.


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