Waka Flocka hasn’t had the best relatiionship with his record label Atlantic records and it doesn’t look like that will improve anytime soon. He tweeted the number to Atlantic Records asking fans to call and demand the release of his latest project Flockavelli 2. This same tactic was used by Lupe Fiasco when he needed Atlantic records to release his oft delayed album Lasers.

Last month, Waka made a series of tweets directed at the label that include “I fucking hate my label,” and “LET ME BUY OUT.” He later also said “Corporate laws require that corporations be structured into classes of superiors and subordinates within a centralized pyramidal structure…Unlike the freedoms of an entrepreneurial business, large company decision-making must pass through layer upon layer of management. This makes the process of product development slow and ponderous…Furthermore, high executive turnover and frequent management ‘purges’ at large record companies can often delay or even derail a recording project indefinitely, leaving artists in the lurch.”

Check out Waka’s latest rant below, and hopefully we get Flockavelli 2 sooner than later.

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