Weird correlation, right? Well, studies have shown that bearded men are more likely to be sexiest towards women than clean shaven men. Welp, Ebro and many others have a beard… SO.


A team of Australian researchers tested a group of 500 men from the United States and India. They asked them whether they agreed or disagreed with specific questions and scenarios about gender roles. They were categorized by whether they were clean-shaven or had some facial hair (mustache, goatees, beards, etc). Results concluded that men with beards were more likely to display of “hostile sexism,” having more negative attitudes towards women. The researchers believe that this is because men who grow facial hair do it because “it maximizes facial masculinity and augments perceived dominancy,” according to their published journal called Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Makes a little more sense.

So much for No-Shave-November.

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