Donald Trump is set to host Saturday Night Live this week and NBC might be a little more nervous to have this presidential candidate on the show as oppose to past candidates.

The Latino activist group has offered $5,000 to any audience member who disrupts Trump when he hosts this Saturday’s show. Tickets to the show are free and are given away at random the morning of the show, so the person ballsy enough to go through with It will have nothing monetary to lose.

CNN reports that the group has two rules for claiming the bounty: they have to be identified by name in the media and they have to be clearly heard on-air during the live broadcast saying “Trump is a racist,” or “deport racism.” If several people achieve the goal, they’ll split the money between them, the group said.

According to their website.

NBC has invited Donald Trump to be the host of Saturday Night Live on November 7th despite outcry from the Latino community and supporters of equality that giving Trump a platform on the hit comedy show sends the wrong message that his offensive and racist comments about Latinos and Mexicans are acceptable. … Let’s show the world that attacking brown people is not the way to win the White House.
Latino groups have been heated about Trump’s appearance on SNL ever since it was announced early last month. The Republican candidate for president kicked off the outrage all the way back in July when he wrote off many Mexican immigrants as “rapists.” His immigration plan, which includes mass deportations and a giant border wall, hasn’t helped his relationship with Latino voters.

Whatever happens on Saturday, I’m sure this will be one SNL’s highest-rated shows of this year. Check out his promo video below.

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