And that’s how their friendship began.

Mike Tyson went on “The Whoolywood Shuffle” on Tuesday Nov. 3 and gave his listeners a cool, unexpected story.

He broke it down like this. One night, he was at a club enjoying his night, laughing, drinking and reminiscing with the owners and management of the club. In the midst of all this, Tupac, who wasn’t famous at the time, pulled up with his entourage expecting entry at the club. Management denied. When Mike Tyson got word that they wouldn’t let him in, he asked the club manager to let it slide and let him in. Because of Tyson’s rank and relationship with the club, they obliged.

Within less than an hour of Tupac being allowed in the club, he was “on the mic, rockin’ the club,” as Tyson put it.


He says,

His energy’s off the wall. Guys don’t do that no more. When I see entertainers, it’s just not that energy. Some guys sell hundreds of millions of records, but they don’t got that stuff. He had that stuff.

Mike Tyson went on to explain their friendship more in depth. Pac visited and wrote Tyson while he was in jail, even after he became famous. Ironically, Tupac was shot and killed in Las Vegas after Mike Tyson’s fight.

Very interesting how these stories slip through the cracks!



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