Do limits no longer exist? One Michigan mother is in disbelief about what happened to her school-aged child.

Chrystal McCadden, mother to 7-year-old Cameron McCadden, posted a cellphone video of her son handcuffed at his elementary school. Not only was her son handcuffed, but to add insult to injury,the cop who cuffed him didn’t have the key to un-cuff him.

The insident took place at Roy E Brownell Community School, an elementary school in Flint,Michigan. Chief James Tolbert of the Flint Police Department went on record to say ” the officer used handcuffs to restrain the child to prevent injury to the child or others.” McCadden was frustrated with the school because she didn’t have any answers regrading the situation until media got involved, “I don’t want a kid to feel like ‘oh, if I do something wrong, I’m getting handcuffed'”.

In another statement issued by Cheig James Tilbert, he claims, ” It is our model to engage christen in a positive light that will foster trust and respect, this incident does not reflect positively on that model.” Bilal Tawwab of Flint Community Schools issues this statement, ” For Flint Community Schools, our Number One priority is the safety of all our students. If this incident involving the student did occur, it is unacceptable. We are asking the Flint Police Department to conduct a full review of the situation so we can get the facts”.

Watch the coverage of the incident by CNN affiliate WEYI below.

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