50 loves controversy!

We might as well call him the Skip Bayless of Hip-Hop… What doesn’t 50 stir up or get dragged into these days.

50’s new controversial slew of headlines start with MMG and circulate right back around to beef with MMG members. Starting with head honcho Ricky Rozay in a sort of long standing beef that got reignited, sprinkled in with Vivica A. Fox insinuating he was gay, to sparking Meek Mills up at his Sweden concert on beef with Drake, he stayed busy over the weekend now spilling into the new week.

The diarrhea of mouth rapper took a pause during his Sweden concert to throw Meek in his pot sharing his commentary on his beef with Drake. He compared the fued to a school yard fight with Meek poking at Drake before he responded with an uppercut punch that ended it all. Check out a clip from the concert below.

He may just be the king of ‘all controversy is good controversy’ gearing up to drop a new mixtape soon. I guess the New York rapper is taking his lemons to make lemonade not letting up on his Instagram meme rampage yet.

In case you missed the play by play on the recent beefs here’s the recap— The long standing beef between he and Rick Ross resurfaced after 50 commented on Ricky’s physique. In turn Sir Rozay threatened to hire 50’s son as a MMG intern. During an interview with Tim Westwood 50 went on to bash his background as a correctional officer. He took a microscope to analyze the contradiction of a law enforcement figure turned rapper in saying, “It’s a correctional officer that is rapping like a drug dealer,’ and since then there’s back a back-to-back jab contest on IG.

Next there was the moment Vivica A. fox insinuated he was gay during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night. After Vivica’s major shade towards 50’s sexuality which Kandi Burruss played hype man to, he went in on the long time actress in a series of insults where below he belt is an understatement.

And now we’re on 50 Cent vs. MMG round 2 with Meek Mill as his second contest. Meek has yet to respond but we keep you updated if the Philly rapper decides to join in on all the fun.

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