Ending the use of offensive symbolism directed towards the Native American race/culture has been a topic of limbo for sometime. However in an effort to further the movement Adidas has taken action to extensively aid high schools across the nation in eliminating Native American mascots and imagery.  The voluntary initiative from Adidas is to financially help schools implement this change. High schools often desire to change it’s sports team name and mascot but lack the resources to do so. This will entail doing away with derogatory nicknames, imagery and symbolism.

During White House Tribal Nations Conference, Adidas officially introduced the initiative building its awareness and motivating people to take more action. Obama wasted no time jumping on bandwagon with his own endorsement. This incentive breaks the chain of devaluing cultures and promoting ignorant stereotypes. Mr. President went on to say, “We need to preserve those bonds & break stereotypes. I believe that includes our sports teams. We all need to do more to make sure our youth feels supported & respected.”

The Redskins are the top of this hot topic where petitions were brought against the NFL organization who’s name is considered slander and highly offensive in painting Native Americans in a negative light. The campaign called, Change The Mascot advocates against the professional football team in saying, “Native Americans are the only group in the United States subjected to having a racial slur as the mascot of a prominent professional sports team.”

The incentive doesn’t include aiding collegiate or professional teams in eliminating derogatory Native-American mascots and symbolism. The hope is that it will spark a change in reaching our youth on the ground level to encourage higher levels of sports teams and sponsors to jump on board next!

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