44 years ago today, a rap legend by the name of Christopher “Big Punisher” Rios was born. He would come to be known as Big Pun throughout the rap world, and break barriers as the first Latino solo artist to go platinum. Pun was more than just a great MC who lost his battle with weight problems after years of struggling; he was a husband and a father.

His 19-year-old son Chris Rivers took to his Instagram page this morning and shared a vintage moment of the two, with some heartfelt words that could make anyone cry.

“You’re this Titan in my eyes this insurmountable force as an rapper I hear stories about your legendary charisma and the way you inspired people like a king. I would have loved to get to know you more. You were the greatest rapper , you were a person who manifested and shaped his destiny from selling crack in sound view sleeping out of bags to going double platinum whippin nighas with iced out chains lmao in all the things you were whether it be the#GOAT , hope , a legend, a man, a human , above all you were a husband and a father.”

Check out the rest of the post below. RIP Big Pun!

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