James Moss’ life completely changed when he participated in Leon Logothetis’ spread random acts of kindness around the world, #GoBeKind campaign. He met Moss in Denver, as a single homeless father who moved from New York. After the story went viral, a GoFundMe account raised $39,324 for Moss and his son Zhi.

James had moved from New York to Denver to give his son a better life. Before his move, he had housing arrangements in order that fell through two days after moving to the city.

Moss explained,

I just got here a few days ago. I had a job set up, and some housing arrangements set up. The housing arrangement fell through. Right now, I’m homeless, two days in town. And I guarantee you, in a month’s time, I’ll make anything that I need to happen, happen.

A woman named Kayla Heskett was so touched by Moss’ story that she opened the GoFundMe account to share his story with others in hopes it’ll move people the way it moved her. The $39,324 was raised in 6 days between 1,314 people. Logothetis posed an update on Moss’ situation to YouTube as Moss’ thanked everyone that donated and shared his story.

He said,

I just want to say thank you so much for donating, for sending your prayers out for us. You guys are so awesome, I love you all, you’re like family to me right now. I never thought a small act of kindness like that would spark such a huge chain reaction. It blew my mind, I’m still in shock.

Check out both videos below!

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