When Kendrick Lamar stopped in New York for his “Kunta’s Groove Sessions” tour, he reciprocated the love back to his day one fans as he thanked them for being the reason that “To Pimp A Butterfly” was so successful.

He said,

Making this album was therapy not only for you, but for me. Y’all allowed it to be top tier without a constant radio single. So that proves to you that right there, music is not something that you can market all of the time. This sh*t belongs to you, and you only. Some sh*t that y’all can feel whether you’re insecure, whether you’re vulnerable, whether you’re mad, happy, angry, sad. You pop this motherfu*king tape in, you pop your favorite music in, and you love and you live that sh*t, and you allow artists like me, myself, to come back to these group of people and perform the sh*t that I want to perform.

The love is real.

Check out the entire speech below and if you haven’t heard the album, head to iTunes to make that important purchase!


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