As details to the tragic story develop and what lead to Louisiana law enforcement, Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr. to open fire onto the truck of Chris Few that deadly night are investigated 6 year old, Jeremy Davis Mardis who was fatally shot is laid to rest and the hearing for the two officers is set. Bail was put at 1 million dollars for each officer and their initial hearing was Monday afternoon. They are charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder.

These charges follow the ordeal last Tuesday night where Stafford and Greenhouse were in pursuit of the Jeremy’s father, Few, when they shot into his SUV killing his autistic and jubilant son. Mardis was sitting in the front passenger seat where he was shot multiple times.

The officers were wearing body camera’s during the incident. Although that information has not been released to the public that is the footage that lead to their arrests.

Again, although the reason and details as to what lead to the pursuit are still in question speculation still circulates. A source tells NBC News that Few was at a local pool hall and was seen arguing with his girlfriend before the shooting. After the alleged dispute, he headed to a babysitter’s house to pick up his son. Greenhouse allegedly knew Few, a factor that will also be looked at further during the investigation.

Few, who is in serious condition did not have outstanding warrants and there was no weapon found in his car. Initial reports which claimed that Few backed his truck into the officers also warrants no proof because there was little to no sign of damage on the police vehicles to validate that claim.

A week later, a family and entire community mourn the loss of an energetic little boy who surely did not deserve the outcome of this unforeseen event where still so many questions continue to linger.

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