With all the things currently going on in America it’s no wonder there have been a wave of protests on the many campuses that this country has to offer. Check out a few below.

University of Missouri:

The president of Missouri resigned November 9 after weeks of protesting over racial tension and allegations that nearly crippled the campus. The football team even threatened to boycott games if he didn’t step down. The president urged everyone involved in the protests to take his resignation as a time to heal and start talking again. There was a hashtag (#concernedstudent1950) on twitter than brought awareness to the situation, which you can view below.



Yale has seen their protests come in the light of wondering if the faculty was sensitive enough over the racist Halloween costumes that were worn this year. Many of the students who complained to the schools president, Peter Salovey, felt as if he wasn’t completely responding to the needs of the minority students well enough. This campus has been engaged in a long running debate over a residential college that was named after John. C. Calhoun, who was a 19th century politician that was an outspoken white supremacist and a member of Yale’s class of 1804.


Members of the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Phi sorority at UCLA, hosted a “Kanye Western” event in October in which students, some of them being white, dressed as Kanye and Kim, wearing baggy clothes, or tight clothes and padded their butts to make them as big Kardashians. Protestors soon took place with students going into administration shouting “Black Bruins Matter.” The university, in a statement to the Daily Bruin, urged students to think more about their actions as far as offending other races.

University Of Michigan

At the University of Michigan, hundreds of faculty and students gathered for a 12 hour “speak out” in February 2014 to address racial tensions stemming from a fraternity whose members were predominantly Asian and white, planning a party inviting “twerkers, rappers, gangsters” and other racial slurs.

Arizona State

University officials suspended members of a fraternity in January 2014 for a party for Martin Luther King’s birthday that included students flashing gang signs, wearing loose basketball jerseys, and drinking from hollowed out watermelons.

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