One of Blac Chyna’s vehicles was involved in a hit and run around 1:30 am Sunday morning and she may be in a world of trouble for it.

According to reports, Chyna‘s white BMW was speeding in San Fernando Valley, when it ran through a stop sign and crashed into a car that was turning left. The impact was so hard, that her car ended up hitting a pole and a fire hydrant, while the other car flew across the lanes. All three passengers in the other car were injured.

It doesn’t look like Chyna was in the car at the time, but two people described as “African-American women in miniskirts” were seen getting out of the car and into another car that was following them, while leaving the BMW at the accident scene.

A hit-and-run investigation has been opened. It’s probable that Chyna loaned her car out to her friends, but under California law – if the owner of a car gives someone else permission to drive and the driver gets in an accident, the owner and driver are both legally accountable. Check out a pic of the damage below.


Source: TMZ

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