King Ba is Nia Guzman‘s ex and the man who believed he was Royalty’s father until a DNA test proved that Chris Brown was. He has been indicted by a grand jury in Houston, TX on charges that he engineered a bad check scam.

Bossip has spoken to Ba’s lawyer about the incident and here’s the story:

 Bah’s lawyer, Carl Anthony Moore, told BOSSIP that his client was innocent, and despite the indictment, they hoped to get the case thrown out.
“There was a famous lawyer who said you could indict a ham sandwich,” Moore said. “It’s just part of the process.”

Prosecutors said Ba and co-defendant Joshua Bob posted a message on Snapchat back in February asking that people looking for quick “legit” cash to contact them. A witness later told investigators that she responded, and one of the men got in touch and promised her $400 if she let them deposit four fake checks worth $5,300 into her account.

The woman agreed, but when she tried to back out at the last minute, she said an armed Bah threatened to shoot her. She said the men drove her to three different banks to withdraw the money, paid her and then kicked her out of the car. The woman called the cops.

Last month, cops arrested Bah when he skipped out on a hearing on the case. He is due back in court next week.

“He is not the criminal that the media has portrayed him to be,” Moore said. “I think at the end of the day, this will come to light. He is not a criminal at all.”

Guzman and Ba broke up months ago, after he was arrested for these charges.

Source: Bossip

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