Getting a college degree has been taught to be one of the most necessary things in order to become successful in America. After high school, you go to college, get a degree then you get a job, the American classic. But what they fail to add in that equation is the amount of money you have to spend to get that degree.It’s been talked about for years but today, students have reached a breaking point.

An estimated 110 colleges are taking a stand in the “Million Student March” protest that will speak out on their ideas for student loan debt reform, free public college education and loan forgiveness. Students have really been feeling the burden when it comes to expensive college tuitions and lack of finding a job with a promising salary post graduation. A statement on their website read,

Education should be free. The United States is the richest country in the world, yet students have to take on crippling debt in order to get a college education.The average college graduate of the Class of 2015 has over $35,000 in debt. More than 40 million Americans share a total of $1.2 trillion in student debt and 58 percent of that is held by the poorest 25 percent of Americans. Together, we can build an independent movement capable of winning tuition-free public college, a cancellation of all student debt, and a $15/hr minimum wage for all campus workers!

While President Obama has been in office, he’s helped some students with their loans. He launched a student loan forgiveness program that allows students to consolidate all of their fees into one loan and then from there, they can select a payback plan that’s affordable to them. There hasn’t been much talk about complete loan forgiveness but prayerfully, these students really make a difference, especially with the latest presidential elections.

Check out what’s going on around different college campus’ below.


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