Puff Daddy (formaly Diddy) and Jay Z are two of hip-hop’s top moguls when it comes to business, even competing with one another for top spots on Forbes each year. But a joint business venture between the two hadn’t been talked about, that is until now.

Puff recently revealed on a Sway in the Morning interview that the idea came to him, but he would like it to be the right one.

Me and Jay – we’ve talked about it. We said we want to pick the best one…It’s going to have to be that one thing that gets it all the way popping. For other people, it was DreamWorks. When DreamWorks happened, it made it okay for strong, visionary, idealistic leaders to get together and figure out how to navigate.”

Mr. Combs also stated how important it is to work with other movers and shakers in the industry.

“I think that’s the only way we’ll be able to get true economic power. If we do more things together. That’s the next level for Hip Hop.”

We’re not sure what this business venture could be, or if it will even happen, but we’ll keep you posted, because whatever it is could be a huge game changer in hip-hop.

Source: BA

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