First braids, then full lips, and now the term “cuffing season”?

Just a fun loving term coined by rapper Fabulous from his track ‘Cuffin Season’ has now been taken to a place where it didn’t need to go– The New York Times. As we all know, White America likes to take aspects of Black culture and reintroduce it to the world as something new and “cuffing season” is their latest pursuit.

In the article, the writer states, ” Today, like a steady hookup teetering on the brink of something more, cuffing season is poised to break into the mainstream.” That basically translates into “in efforts to expand our demographic, our editor suggested we troll Black Twitter and bring something of theirs from obscurity into the light”. No thank you New York Times, we’ll pass.

If you have time to spare throughout your day, you can read the article here. But if your looking to read something a tad more interesting, fast forward and scroll to the comments where readers who arn’t here for it, rip the article apart.




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