There are three type of hackers in the world, the ones that do hack with good intentions, ones that hack with malicious intent and ones that hack just because they know how.

There is a new trend going around in the world of hackers where they combine hacking with social justice. A group of hackers just recently hacked into a KKK group and exposed the members along with their racist social media posts. However, all hackers are not for the greater good. Just ask the San Jose Police Department. Their systems have been hacked several times in the past week and it appears as though they are being hacked just for kicks and giggles.

According to Complex, Spokesperson for the city, David Vossbrink, told Mashable that the cyber attacks began last Thursday via a distributed denial of service attack. In short, hackers flooded the website’s traffic and shut it down. “We had a intermittent interruptions over following several days” said Vossbrink. “Mostly a matter of annoying inconvenience for staff and public users trying to access our websites for information.”

No arrests have been made and officials are not sure as to why the are being hacked. The San Jose Police Department maintain that absolutely no data has been breached.



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