Jhene Aiko collaborates with retailer Brooklyn Industries to promote the United Nations’ Girl Up campaign.  The campaign is to support girls by raising awareness and fundraising. The program encourages women to take action and help out communities where it is difficult to be a girl in hopes of social and economic change.  The program advocates for adolescent girls by providing an education, a platform to voice their opinions, accessibility to doctors, and a life free of violence.

The songstress and Brooklyn Industries are releasing three t-shirts in support of the campaign.  The shirts will include an image of a woman with a thought-provoking message to influence others to take action.  The shirts are called “Equali-tees” to encourage global equality.

The three t-shirts can be found on Brooklyn Industries website .  The shirts will have women from diverse backgrounds with their eyes and mouths covered. The imagery represents women in some communities that are not able to express themselves vocally or visually.  100% of the proceeds from the campaign will be donated to the Girl Up program.

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