According to Ice Cube, Nothing’s tougher than making a movie. He, along with five other elite producers, Scott Cooper, Steve Golin, Simon Kinberg, Stacey Sher and Christine Vachon for a discussion on their careers in Hollywood and it was highlighted by the Hollywood Reporter for their November 20th issue.

Check out a few of Ice Cube’s excerpts:

Advice he would tell his younger self: 

“My advice would be to not take the process so personal. Being a black filmmaker, you think, “Oh man, why is this not getting made? And why is this piece of shit getting made and not this movie that I think is great?” Then you realize every movie is hard to get made. Steven Spielberg is probably saying, “Damn! Is it because I’m Steven Spielberg they don’t want to make this movie?”

If Suge Knight affect the filming:

“Not at all. We didn’t make the records — when it comes to N.W.A and producing those records — without controversy, without danger; so this movie’s not going to be made without controversy and danger. We knew that a lot of people didn’t want the movie to be made.”

On Tarantino & criticism on how he deals with race:

“That’s fine. [The N-word] to me doesn’t make the movie much more inflammatory than the next. It was a great Western. I usually don’t mind movies that people think go overboard because that’s what art is all about. Art is about pushing us and making us examine ourselves.”

check out the full roundtable chat here.

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