In the week of civil protest, racial threats and unrest at Mizzou,Timothy M. Wolfe is out as the university president and Micheal Middleton is in as the interm president.
Middleton, who is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. said that his focus is to heal the race relations at Mizzou and making the university a safe place for all students. The story according to STL Today:

After Michael Middleton founded the Legion of Black Collegians, he personally delivered a list of race-related demands to the University of Missouri chancellor in 1969.

Some might call it fitting, then, that he take the helm of the UM system after the student group Concerned Student 1950 handed the university its list of demands for racial inclusion and shared governance.

“It is clear to me the first step is to devote attention to addressing those demands,” Middleton, 68, said Thursday at a news conference. “It is imperative to hear from all students and do everything we can to make them comfortable and safe in our community.”

The University of Missouri Board of Curators tapped Middleton, the university’s first African-American law professor, to serve as interim president after the resignation of Timothy M. Wolfe earlier this week following criticism of Wolfe’s handling of a series of racist incidents.

The university seems to be taking the steps in the right direction after the turmoil of this last week. With Middleton’s history of race relations in the area, the university should slowly, but surely transition well into progressive times.


Source: STL Today

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