Spike Lee received major backlash from the first trailer released from his upcoming movie Chiraq. Chicago based rappers like Lil Durk, Chief Keef, and Rhymefest said that Lee owed the city an apology. Now, Spike Lee is speaking out about his critics during an interview with ABC Chicago.

When asked about the criticism of his new film, Spike responded by saying, “That sounds like those redneck crackers in the South. When Civil Rights people come down to Mississippi or Alabama, ‘These rabble rousers come down here. We know how to treat our Negros good. We don’t need nobody else come up there tell us how to work with our Negros.’ Same type of mentality.”

Lee said the film is a serious matter and he feels like the satire/funny moments in this film is more like a “laugh to keep from crying” piece, not to mock the senseless killing in the city.

watch the interview below:

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