David Banner is never one to hold his tongue even if it gets him in trouble or looked at crazy from time to time.

On Essence Live Friday, he stopped by to apologize for his song “Marry Me.” He said he learned that while speaking to different black women he realized a lot of them feel alone, and his music has contributed to that.

“Me talking to so many women, they would always tell me just black women in general didn’t feel protected nor did they feel wanted. I said, especially in my career, I’ve done enough damage myself, so when I speak in now way am I criticizing other men and what they do in their music, but I have to sort of cleanse my soul and balance my vibrations out.”

The conversation got especially serious when Banner was asked what made him shift his music, to which he responded he doesn’t like how black men are portrayed worldwide.

“When I had the number one song as far as hip-hop is concerned “Get Like Me” with Chris Brown, I got a global peak of how America is portraying black men from America. At that time, reality shows as we know it now first started to take off so for the most part, what people got from black men globally was rap videos and reality TV shows, and honestly, we looked like monkeys,” Banner reflected.

Banner then began to check his own behavior before offering a solution to end racism.

“I’d like to say this and in no way does this reflect Essence, this only reflects David Banner, but white supremacy only respects two things: that’s a loss of life and a loss of finance and until black people threaten one of those two things we will forever continue to do what they do.”

Do you think that may be the solution to ending racism? Either way it’s interesting to hear the thoughts of Banner.

Source: VIBE

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