After the attack on Paris that claimed 129 lives, Paris’ most recognizable site, the Eiffel Tower, has been closed indefinitely, according to Agence France-Presse.

The Paris attack left 129 dead and 300 injured. French illustrator Jean Jullien created a drawing of the peace sign with the Eiffel Tower in the middle. That illustration went viral and is now being used as a universal sign of solidarity.

The light’s of the Eiffel Tower were turned off Saturday night as a sign of morning. Because of this, some cities have decided to light up there most popular sites with the color of the Paris flag to show unity. On the tower’s website, a banner reads, “The Eiffel Tower is currently closed until further notice.” At the request of Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the tower will remain dark.

Peace for Paris

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The National Anthem is playing, but tonight our thoughts are with Paris. ?? #CapsFlames #PrayersForParis A photo posted by Washington Capitals (@washingtoncaps) on


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