Jamar Clark was shot and killed by police 1 a.m. Sunday morning  at an intersection in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Witnesses said that Clark was already handcuffed when he was shot by an officer but police said that he was not in handcuffs. Protesters have gathered to bring justice and have Clarke’s death be ruled a “murder” and are demanding that the officer be criminally charged.

According to a tweet from the Minneapolis Black Lives Matter organization, Clarke died Monday night after he was taken off life support.

Police told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that the incident began when police were called to James and Plymouth Avenues in reports of a domestic dispute between Clark and his girlfriend. When police and ambulence arrived on the scene, Clark was getting in the way when EMT tried to get his girlfriend into an ambulance when the struggle began. According to police, that’s when Clark was shot by an officer.

The NAACP reported that witnesses say Clark was handcuffed and knocked to the ground prior to being shot. They also said that Clarke was definitely in handcuffs when the officer shot him in the head “execution style.”

Witnesses say that Clark wasn’t resisting arrest and was laying on the ground when he was shot. The officers involved in the shooting haven’t been identified to the public yet, but police said the investigation is still ongoing and could take anywhere between two to four months.

According to police scanner audio, there was a crowd of people at the scene before the shooting happened. The officers were not wearing body cameras but according to a post by journalist Sam Richards, a security camera may have recorded the shooting. Police haven’t confirmed if the shooting was caught on video but it is part of the investigation.

Police said the two officers involved in the shooting have been placed on paid leave. Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau said,

I want to acknowledge that this is a very difficult situation for everyone involved: For members of our community, members of the Minneapolis Police Department and their families, and for the people that are standing here beside me. We need to know exactly what happened. We need to know the truth. Everyone involved needs that and deserves that.




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