The once undefeated UFC bantamweight women’s champion Rhonda Rousey took a unbelievable loss to Holly Holm over the weekend by K.O. in the second round.

This comes as shock to everyone seeing how Rousey’s last four fights have all been won by submission and have lasted for a combined 67 seconds. Holly Holm, on the other hand also has an impressive resume as she was also once a title winning professional boxer, but Saturday (Nov. 14) she exposed the holes in Rousey’s game as she she boxed her way to a stunning victory.

Holm afterwards had nothing but good things to say about her competition. She said,

Ronda has always been a very dominant champ and she’s taken the sport to new level and this fight wouldn’t have happened if she hasn’t accomplished what she accomplished, so I have a lot of respect for her.

We all hope for a rematch between the two fight in the near future.

Watch Holm’s humble interview after her solid win.



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