Angela Bello, D.A. of Nye County, says that her office is thinking about filing criminal charges against Lamar for either possession of cocaine or being under the influence of a controlled substance.

According to TMZ, they were unable to trace a single case in Nye County where someone was in the hospital for overdosing and was later prosecuted for drug possession. An official from Nye County Sheriff’s office tells us they have had referred cases like Lamars to the D.A. but doesn’t know of any cases that have actually been prosecuted. TMZ also contacted the D.A. office and asked if they have ever prosecuted someone after they were hospitalized for overdosing on drugs but they couldn’t find one.

Even if they were to try to prosecute Odom, he’s in not condition to withstand trial. He cant walk, can barely speak and has substancially impaired cognitive fuction, according to TMZ.

Even though it seems like Lamar Odom is being targeting because of his celebrity status, a representative from the D.A. office says,

He’s not being treated any differently because he’s a celebrity. He’s being treated just like any other Joe Schmo.




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