Oakland is not taking this one sitting down!

There has been ncident after incident across America illustrating police brutality and furthermore the unjust killings of African Americans, and Oakland is fighting back. After a man was shot and killed by authorities Sunday evening after allegedly pointing a gun at officers towing cars involved in sideshow activity, the streets are going haywire. According to Oakland police spokeswoman Johnna Watson, a group of uniformed officers were towing vehicles related to sideshow activity when a man approached and pointed a gun in their direction. Several officers fired at the man. The officers then attempted to save his life until an ambulance arrived to pronounce the man dead at the scene. The authorities received the call about the shooting at 5:34pm as several reports of shots being fired rang in. The department’s homicide and internal affairs is currently investigating the ordeal as only limited information has been released to the public.

This incidence then set off a rampage in Oakland as rioters damage police property by jumping on and destroying a police car while flooding the streets ranting “f— the police.” Catch the minute and thirty seconds of chaos below.

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