18-year old Gabbi Lemos says she was arrested for no good reason after her high school graduation party. Her attorney says the deoputy was bigger and stronger and there was no reason for the deputy to use the amount of force he did.

The incident occurred back in June. Her family threw a party at home to celebrate. Hours after the party ended, Deputy Marcus Holton and six other officers with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the home and began interrogating people who were outside.

Gabbi Lemos’ sister Chantee was sitting alongside her boyfriend in his car in front of the house. They say the deputy questioned them, then began to act aggressively toward Chantee, forcibly trying to get her out of the car. Gabbi protested the treatment of her sister, that’s when the officer began to aggressively interact with Gabbie.

All of a sudden, I felt an arm and my neck and that’s when he lifted me up off the ground and threw me face first onto the ground just, like right here,” Gabbi Lemos said to ABC 7 in San Franciso.

The lawsuit that the family had filed against the deputy states that Holten “bolted around the family and without a word caught Gabbi from behind the neck in a chokehold, lifting her small body off the ground several feet before throwing her face-first onto the driveway.”

She was arrested, taken to the hospital, jailed and booked for battery on an officer and resisting arrest. Ultimately, the district attorney dropped the charges after bodycam footage corroborated her story, that’s when the family filed a lawsuit against Deputy Holton.

Source: ABC 7, Raw Story.

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