Khole Kardashian quickly rushed to Lamar Odem’s side when she received the news that he was fighting for his life in a hospital bed. During that same time, the couple where in the middle of a divorce and Khole began dating basketball player, James Harden. By Khole rushing to Lamar’s side, it lead people to believe that she was dropping current beau Harden for Lamar. In a series of tweets, Khole let was all know that it is not safe to assume.

After tweeting about Harden’s overtime win last night, Khole began recieving negative tweets from people criticizing her for tweeting about her boyfriend while still being married. Khole, known for being the most outspoken Kardashian, let the hater have it in a series of tweets. Lets hope these tweeters learned to not mess with Khole, especially when antibiotics and painkillers are involved.

Check out the tweets below.


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