Don’t call it a come back! Jadakiss is featured on the cover of The Source magazine for their Holiday 2015  issue and has a new album. The project is called Top 5 Dead Or Alive and currently his new track “You Can See” has been getting some radio plays.  In the interview the New York rapper discusses promotion for the new album while balancing life at home.

The rapper says, “For me, this is a business, it’s a regular job. When I go home, I deal with the bulls*it of trying to run my family and make everybody happy. When I’m at work, I’m dealing with trying to make hit records, sell merch, book tours and get endorsements and branding and stuff like that. I very seldom try to intertwine the two because it could f*ck you up. But I also use some of the stress and hardships of my life at home and let that out in the studio, as opposed to going somewhere and doing something stupid.”  The album is set to release Friday November 20.



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