Missy Elliott is making her way back into the music industry with the help of her long time friend Pharrell, on her new single “WTF (Where They From).” She followed up with a classic creative video, that gave us a taste of the old Missy back in the day that no one else can compete with.

Missy Elliot sat down with Billboard to talk about what she has going on and her plans coming up. She says sees this generation as an attention span challenged culture waiting for her to fail and the only way to to be successful in this era is to come out with a hit record no one can deny.

I have to be very careful. It’s different now. People are quick to be like, ‘You’re irrelevant, you’re a flop, you’re washed up.’

Music and the music culture has changed so much since Missy’s peak. In 2002, he Under Construction album sold 2.2 million copies in the United States, according to Nielson Music. Missy says she feels like she’s starting over. Ten years later in 2012, Missy wanted to test the waters of the music industry to “see what the climate was” and quietly released two Timbaland produced tracks called “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” straight to iTunes. The songs didn’t receive the recognition she wanted so she backed away from releasing more of her music.

On the other hand, “WTF” gave Missy’s return a buzz as the song and video received 3 million streams the first day out. Missy says that there is an album coming out in 2016 that she’s been working on with Pharrell and Timbaland. Missy says,

[Pharrell and Timbaland] are the only two producers that understand me. When I go like this, you know that it’s something I totally believe in.

If you haven’t seen her new video or her cover on Billboard, watch it below!


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