For well over 20 years, Angie Martinez has been an important figure within hip-hop and urban culture interviewing legends such as Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z and more. She recently made the jump from Hot 97 to 105.1, and continues to think outside the box during her interviews, while making different moves within entertainment.

So when Mayor Bill De Blasio announced November 19th would be Angie Martinez day, it wasn’t that big of a surprise. The day was chosen to honor the radio personality for all she has accomplished and continues to accomplish.

“Whether speaking with legendary hip hop artists, popularizing the music that became our City’s daily anthems or consoling the community after the tragic events on September 11th, Angie Martinez has, like the best radio personalities, grown as trusted and familiar to her listeners as a dear friend. I am delighted to applaud the key role she has played in New York and to wish her a terrific next chapter at Power 105.1. We are fortunate to live in a City with such a rich array of voices and cultures, and my administration is working to ensure residents from all backgrounds and walks of life can enjoy and contribute to the creative energy of New York. Tonight, in honor of Angie and all the Puerto Rican sisters and brothers beside us building that brighter tomorrow, I say: “¡Pa’lante!”

This is a huge accomplishment for Angie Martinez so congratulations are in order. Congrats Angie!


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