Church In These Streets, Jeezy’s latest project that debuted on Nov.13, offers the therapy we need to zone out from all the noise and saturation around us. It doesn’t shy away from the truth but it gives us a chance to refocus and offers a hand of inspiration. Each track contains all the reasons why we can’t shut the hell up about Jeezy’s street gospel. From the tonality, imagery and straight to the point theme, the over all message struck a cord because it’s something we desperately needed right now.

Here’s the track-list and play-by-play of the 10 most moving moment’s from Pastor Young’s ‘Self-Motivating’ sermon, Church In These Streets and what we can gain from his timely message:

1.  Grind State– It’s a MENTAL thing. Ask yourself, “Do I eat, sleep & breathe my grind?” Jeezy comes out the gate to let us know your grind gotta be your state of mind before it’s your reality. The biggest failure is becoming content in where you are. It’s an ever evolving process and this one bar sums up the mood entering into church, “I see you actin real content & I can’t f–k with that. Truth is I want it all, nothin less than that.”


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2. Hustlaz Holiday– “You ain’t gon ever hear a hustla say he don’t wanna hustle no more.” The message reads loud and clear, truly successful people don’t ever stop hustling. A real hustler is one who achieves wealth but continues to hustle like he did before he had it. We hustle for our family & our community, not just ourselves. This record encourages us to take accountability & responsibility for our lives.  
3. Eternal Reflection Interlude– This inspirational piece cosigns the #Blacklivesmatter movement. “Your system don’t acknowledge me, born free… my prayer mat close to me.” The system is in place to hold us down with police brutality against minorities publicly at an all time high. Through the oppression we keep hope alive, “We are the ones they couldn’t kill, the chosen.. We wont stop. This is the time for hustlers and scholars.” We are yet & still the “greatest reflection of God.”   

4. GOD– This is the strongest symbolism that Pastor Young offers. This record is about the profound principle of knowing exactly who you are & your worth. Confidence is not only an internal thing that projects outward but it determines how high up you will climb in this life. He says, “Young 5’8 talk like he 10 feet tall.” Although I may look physically inadequate it’s the inner God in me that speaks volumes. Everything you do sparks from that inner power and yields the unimaginable. Jeezy and Nas team up on the remix to show us why the people the flock to them in much a magnetic way.   


5. Church In These Streets– Jeezy is bringing his word forward to the people. “Ain’t no secret I came from nothing, told myself I was gon go grind for something.” For every person whether they share a similar journey or not it’s motivation to rise above your circumstances and be leaders. Jeezy is the preacher to the streets where he not only examines his own journey but he puts a magnifying glass what’s going on in the world today. He asks, “where my street disciples,” summoning all those who are here to help spread the word!

6. Sweet Life ft. Janelle Monae– It’s the moment when you turn that negative into a positive in overcoming adversity and transforming for the better through the process. “No you can’t see thru my shades, just know Im smiling inside, it’s like the old me deceased I’m kinda glad that I died.” The ‘sweet life’ is internal happiness, understanding life’s journey & still smiling through the bulls–t. “My success, it makes you drunk like you been drinkin alcohol, Yea Im about to go so hard Ima make these n—-s sick.” Overcoming every battle should only motivate you to go harder and give you a reason to smile.   

  ” I guess the haters ain’t so bad after all ” #sweetlife #ChurchInTheseStreets out now!!   A photo posted by @jeezy on

7. Scared Of The Dark– On this record Jeezy shows us the picture of people that you see when your successful.  “N—-s switchin teams like the draft n—a, n—a left the Cavs and joined the Mavs n—a.” It’s a lack of loyalty in the industry because everybody wants the light. Jeezy makes it known that whether he’s shining or the lights are out he’ll still shine anyway! Again, it’s all about knowing the [God-like] power of your own light in order to dodge the trap. Pastor Young better preach!!!

8. No Other Way– Success and winning is the only way!! He starts off the track reciting, “Cus there ain’t no other way, I’m standing taller than I ever stood, every real n—a off in every hood… When the pressure on I hustle hard, pussy niggas plottin on my down fall.” He makes the distinction between the two types of people in the world, those who talk about going to get it & those who go get it. “You  n—-s ain’t got a hustling bone in your body. Penthouse mind state while you keep talkin about the lobby.” Everybody wants to be a boss, everybody wants to win but who is really going out and putting in the work. This urges the question– Who are you?

9. Just Win– Through the fire we just have to win. “N—a it’s hard out here my people sick & tired of struggling. All this clown a– shit my people sick & tired of juggling.” This record lays out all the negative components we face in every direction. “Whole team gotta eat we just dodging fed dinners, I just wanna win but they set me up to lose.. the streets kick ya ass yea I’m talkin judo.” No matter what uncontrolled circumstances exist the world is never going to stop. Only way to cope is to deal with it and make sure it’s all worth it in the end.

” Just win “

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10. Forgive Me ft. Monica– Now we’ve reached the alter call at the end of every sermon. Here is the humanity of it all, the vulnerability of being human— Jeezy is saying through it all I am flawed and I am asking for forgiveness. We should all have a humbleness about life and how we deal with each other. Who are we to judge when we all fall short somewhere? It’s so imperative to focus on the right things, recognize when we are wrong and possess the desire to make things right in order to do better as a people.

 After listening to the album in its entirety and if you didn’t by now I hope you do after this, you begin to dig deep and wonder what would life be like if we didn’t change and evolve; what stories would we have to tell or relate to others if we didn’t overcome obstacles; and how much we should value our families and the duty to give back to our people. We thank Jeezy for being unafraid to share his truth in what turned into a movement, Church In These Streets.

In case you missed it you can also catch Jeezy stopping through HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning to talk about his latest project, working with Janelle Monae on his single out now as well as the video for “Sweet Life” which is about to drop soon and so much more!


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