3 1/2 minutes is how long it took for 45-year-old Michael Dunn to approach the car of black teens playing music, and eventually litter the car with 10 bullets, 1 that left 17-year-old Jordan Davis dead.

Not only did those 3 1/2 minutes cause Jordan to lose his life, but it sparked outrage across the country dealing with the problems America have been facing with gun violence and racism.

Jordan’s parents Ron Davis and Lucy McBath have now put together a documentary titled 3 1/2 Minutes Ten Bullets.

The movie premiered yesterday on HBO, (three years to the day of Jordan’s murder) and is a closer look into the courtroom of the unbelievable trial as well as a look into Jordan’s short life.

The people over at Upworthy.Com were able to talk to his parents on the movie and why everyone should go see it. Enjoy.


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