J. Cole is amazing. He continues to prove that day by day. This time, Cole visited a young fan, Tae Stackhouse from Fayetteville N.C, who is battling cancer. His mother and aunt reached out to J.Cole about visiting Tae and of course, he agreed. Cole headed to North Carolina Cancer Hospital to speak words of encouragement to Tae.Tae posted his photo alongside Cole on Facebook with the following message,

” I really appreciate this just wanna give a big shoutout to my mom and my aunt for bringing my favorite rapper to see me I’m proud to say I’m blessed even though I have cancer he told me to keep positive so that’s what I’m going to do thanks j.cole #RoleModel”.

According to several Facebook status, Tae has had a difficult year. His cancer comes after the death of his daughter as well as some run in’s with the law.

In true J. Cole fashion, he told no one of his visit. This is not the first time he has done this.  Cole has been spotted as several marches and protests walking amongst the crowd and listening to the people as well as showing up at fans houses for private listening sessions. Cole never posts a single photo, if it wasn’t for his fans posting pics, the world will never know. He dosnt do it for a headline, that’s how you know it’s genuine.

Cole, keep changing the game. You are truly a class act.


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