Last week, N.O.R.E. “confirmed” the longstanding urban legend that Roc-A-Fella and Terror Squad camps brawled in the late 90s and the end result was Jay Z receiving a bottle upside his head at the behest of the late Big Pun.

The Bronx MC’s widow is debunking those claims once and for all, claiming that while the story makes for good Hip-Hop myth, it’s simply aren’t true.

“A situation happened at a club night,” Liza Rios told DoggieDiamondsTV. “Both camps were there, [the] Terror Squad camp and Jay Z’s camp, and there was an altercation between the camps. One of those guys from the camp that was affiliated there was an altercation between them. After that situation happened — [and] whatever fizzled out in the club that night, whatever — it was another show date and Jay Z was also performing. Pun knew that Jay Z was there [and] because of the altercation between their camps, he stepped up to Jay Z to see if there was any beef or any problems. Pun went in with Cuban [Link] and a few other guys and as fast as they went in, they came out. Squashed any problems and it was all good.”

In 2013, Cuban Link also clarified that the Jay Z’s bottle lobotomy was indeed a falsehood.

“So this story about Pun hitting him with a bottle, I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know why they keep bringing it up or keeping it alive, because the truth was that it wasn’t the truth,” Liza Rios continued. “If it was true, I’d gladly say, ‘Yeah, he hit him with a bottle’ but that’s not the case. At the end of the day, Pun, as well as myself, we was Jay Z fans… He’s always been a Jay Z fan and that’s it. I would appreciate if whoever keeps telling this story would just lay it down to rest because it’s not true. It never happened, it never happened, it never happened, it never happened.”
Watch both Liza Rios and Cuban Link’s interviews about the fight below:

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